Hiring A Maid Service South Coast MA

Hiring A Maid Service South Coast MALiving a fast-paced lifestyle can fill your week with a really busy schedule and little free time to do your house cleaning. This is why many homeowners consider hiring a maid service – they can continue leading their busy lives while ensuring their homes stay thoroughly clean and healthy. But before you dial that number, learn more about the maid service you are trusting to enter into your home. Here are some need-to-know info on  hiring a maid service in SE Massachusetts (incl. Plymouth & the South Coast area).

Bonding: Make sure before hiring a maid service company to ask if they’re bonded. In the event that a theft would occur, your home can be protected. Beware of some maid service companies who only protect themselves, and not their clients.

Insurance: Before hiring a maid service company, find out if they are insured. Accidents do happen during house cleaning. The maid service company should have liability and employee accident coverage that must cover the maid service employees and your home!

References: Make sure that the maid service you’re considering comes highly recommended and is reliable. Always ask for references (past clients) and a work history. When calling their references and past clients, ask these persons about their own experiences with the cleaning service.

  • What length of time have you used the maid service?
  • Are they the first maid service you’ve tried? If not, what made you make the switch?
  • Did you ever lodge a grievance and what process did they have for sorting out the issue?
  • Would you recommend your maid service provider to friends and family?
  • Will you endorse your maid service to close friends and family?

Employee screening and hiring: Ask if their house cleaners are directly employed by the company or are they subcontractors? Make sure that the maid service company’s employees’ backgrounds, references and residence statuses have been verified and confirmed. If they use subcontractors, think twice about hiring them. They may not be providing adequate training, proper quality assurance, insurance against liabilities, accidents and theft.

Cleaning products: Make sure when hiring a maid service that the cleaning products they use are safe for your home, your kids and pets. Find out if their cleaning products and solutions contain harsh chemicals like bleach or ammonia, as these types of chemicals need to be used in moderation.

If the maid service you’re planning to hire advertises its use of "green" cleaning products or environmentally friendly house cleaning solutions, the more you know what they mean, the better your understanding of what you’re getting. If they advertise as being "Green Certified," find out which industry body gave them that certification and how selective was the certification process. Are the products effective in cleaning and disinfecting pathogens like Salmonella, E.Coli and Staphylococcus (Staph.).

Environmentally safe products contain bio-based ingredients that contain natural bacteria and enzymes that attack germs and bacteria and sanitize the cleaned area effectively and thoroughly. Beware of some products that may be certified "green" but turn out to be cleaning solutions that contain the same harsh chemicals at lower proportions (enough to pass certification standards). These may still harm your kids and pets.

Some house cleaning independent professionals and other companies may expect you to provide the cleaning products. In this case, choose a cleaning product that is safe for your home and the environment.

Equipment: Make sure that before hiring a maid service, you are able to check the equipment they are using. Find out the efficiency of their vacuum and filtration systems. Ask if their equipment is well-maintained and if their cleaning filters are HEPA-approved. Some independent professionals and other maid service providers may expect you to supply all cleaning equipment, so be sure to find out first.

Satisfaction: Make sure to ask if they measure customer satisfaction. If they don’t, think twice about using them. If they do, ask them what procedures they use to collect client responses. Be sure to take note of the steps they take to ensure total customer satisfaction. You might be their next customer, and how they satisfy client expectations will show you how much they give value to solving your house cleaning needs.

Quality assurance: Quality assurance procedures are important - ask about theirs. Find out how they measure the quality of their service and how stringent they are in maintaining its level of excellence. A reliable and highly professional maid service should have quality assurance procedures in place so their cleaning methods meet and exceed quality standards every time they visit. Be sure to ask if they have field supervisors or managers who carry out inspections on their team's quality of work.

Service Guarantee: Establish how the maid service company handles client complaints and how these are handled and resolved. Don’t forget to ask for a written satisfaction guarantee, which details the scope of work and the limitations of the service and what steps you can take to get the kind of clean that you expect and deserve.

Taxes: Make sure you know about the state tax and federal laws on household employees and maid services. You may need to withhold taxes and could be liable if you don't. Also find out about your responsibilities with respect to Social Security and other taxes. Better yet, get in touch with the IRS, so you’ll get more information about your tax responsibilities.

Take all these factors into account when considering hiring a maid service. If you use them, you can be confident in getting a reputable company that delivers consistently high quality service on every visit.

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